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AI Reverse Deceptive Hardware Decoys

We Custom build AI Decoys ->  personified and integrated into your corporate infrastructure:

Machine Learning is used to learn and understand your infrastructure

• We develop & deploy Adaptable deep Reinforced Learning Algorithms 

• Same underlying technology that powers AlphaGo

• Deception as Defense: AI Decoys / Sensor Avatars

• TLS Lawful Interception - add on modules

• Threat Neutralized, contained and eradicated

• Go / Golang code for faster Reinforced ML    

Our Machine Learning experience from 1985

Back in the 80's Kevin started his journey into Machine Learning, now the systems were like huge in form factor just to give you some perspective.

It would take 200,000 Commodore 64 computers just to make up the current hardware performance and specification of the latest Apple iPhone, so yes we did mostly theoretical modeling because of the cost of computational time back then, now days, just spin up the cloud node instances needed to complete the most demanding kind of processing power.

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