At Cyber2 Labs we promote the critical need for all cyber security professionals to establish a solid foundation when learning about cyber security.


In today’s cyber security workforce environment many will learn the higher application level of the network while neglecting the lower levels.


Here at Cyber2 Labs we feel this is a mistake and have developed this course to help the student truly understand malicious attacks, counter the attacks and design the defense you need to protect the network.


The student will understand all layers of a network and most importantly how network traffic looks when it is normal and when it is under an attack.
In this hands-on training the student will learn the foundation of security and defending architectures from attack.


The student will look at the concept of “thinking like a hacker” to learn techniques to defend from the types of attacks that are commonly conducted against the IT corporate networks as well as industrial control networks.


The student will learn powerful methods to analyze the risk of both the IT and corporate network. Once your foundation has been set you will look at the best practices recommendations when it comes to reducing the attack surface. The student will learn a systematic process of intrusion and malware analysis.

This intensive 3 day course will take you from the initial stages of an attack to the complete compromise of systems and networks, once you have done this you will design defensive mechanisms to either prevent the attack, or isolate it if prevention is not possible.

Course Overview:

Module 1 - Challenges of Vulnerability Management


Module 2 – Emerging Threats and Advanced Attacks


Module 3 – Malware and Memory Analysis


Module 4 – Proven Defense Measures


Module 5 – Securing the Corporate Network and Reducing Attack Surface


Module 6 - Advanced Defensive Measures

Defense Deep


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