Cyber2LABS (C2L) Security Services are built upon expertise with intrinsic skills, deploying and managing holistic technology frameworks that have delivered tangible business value.  Our Security Practice is woven around three key drivers for business growth:

People, Process and Technology (Infrastructure) - that is seamlessly integrated through an effective management framework.  

We collaborate with our clients to deliver assured benefits of the Security Systems.


Key Competencies

  • Security Operation Center Operation and Implementation

  • Professional Security Services

  • Security Professionals Training

  • Security Awareness Material and Solutions

Training and Development Strategy

C2L will develop training and development strategy to ensure your staff has the knowledge, skills and commitment required to run the Security Operation Center (SOC). It will provide a framework for training on Information Security within each team.  The focus is such that all team members can develop their specific skills, needed to perform their role at the highest level.


The strategy is closely linked to the implementation of the SOC and it provides guidance intended to ensure that investment in training is focused on producing efficient and effective results.


More specifically it:

  • Identifies the need for training and those who should receive particular levels of training

  • Provides a strategic basis for training across the SOC including a delivery plan and methodology

  • Outlines options on how training can be delivered

  • Details how the strategy will be evaluated


The following are the steps that will be involved in the development of the Training and Development Strategy

Role Analysis (Needs):

In this step will determine the training needs which can be boiled down to who needs what and when. The training strategy being proposed will provide a framework within which identify their training needs in relation to the SOC staff role.

  • Conduct Written Assessment

  • Conduct Practical Skill Assessment

  • Interview each of the Candidates

Input from:

  • SOC Objectives

  • The Organization Chart

  • The List of Tasks that the analyst can demonstrate proficiency 



A Training and Development Strategy in Soft Copy:

  • A Consultancy work to do assessment of the recommended SOC Staff

  • Assessment Results

  • Training Plan

  • Training Effectiveness Measurement and KSA

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Continuous ongoing Training plan


Training Strategy:

SOC analysts cannot be effective without appropriate training. Hence and as per the requirement C2L is offering a comprehensive training plan to building an effective training program for your SOC. The plan includes both formal/General training on standard information security, technology and on-the-job training (OJT) to help maximize the analysts’ effectiveness within the organization.


Specific Training:

The exact training plan will be based on the results of the skills assessment by the C2L team.

C2L will provide a complete and detailed recommended strategy once the job role requirements have been identified and a skills gap analysis has been completed.

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