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Course Outline:

This course has been structured and designed based on industry expected levels of competent skills and practical real-world capabilities, which security professionals are expected to be proficient in their work duties. The knowledge transfer process happens far quicker when we build complicated attack vectors, in order for us to build something, we will always start with a plan and further research enables us to grasp the practical aspects much easier and quicker.

This is an advanced hands-on practical course, straight to the point, that teaches students how to build, break, fix and modify an array of dedicated hardware devices that mandatory devices that hackers frequently use to break into systems. The course focuses on using mobile hardware / software to exploit targets and network hacking wired, Wi-Fi and RF communication.


Course Hardware Kit Contents:


  • RPi4 4GB 64Bit - Quad Core Mobile System with Case

  • USB Wi-Fi Adapter, 150Mbps, 4dBi External Antenna, WPS Button

  • DVB-T DAB FM, RTL2832U & R820T Tuner, Mini USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B        

    • Receiver and external 2dB Antenna

  • USB Power

  • USB SD/MicroSD reader/writer

  • 2 x32 Gig MicroSD - Preloaded with Custom Linux Hacking OS for EH

  • Ethernet Cat6 Cable

  • Organizer case for all your gear

  • 25 Hours Practical Videos - Lets do this 

  • 12 months Toolkit Updates