About Us:

Cyber2Labs is a Global Presence Security Specialist Corporation offering custom built security hardware, software, Cyber Consultancy, Skills Training and Assessments.

Primarily established to engineer new age skills training products and solutions which map to the National Initiative for Cyber security Education (NICE).


The ultimate understanding of process centric approach to Cyber Security and Forensics that can be applied across any discipline and is not vendor specific. With more than 100 years of combined experience and industry recognition as subject matter experts in the field, Cyber2Labs is positioned to deliver unique as well as bleeding edge training and consulting services.

Our consultants have extensive IT Security testing and Computer forensics experience across most industry sectors, and are comprehensively trained in current vulnerability assessment techniques, and individually have technical focuses regarding specific attack methods, such as APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), Social Networking risks and mobile security considerations.

Cyber2Labs consultants have provided security services to a broad array of clients in a range of industry verticals that include:

  • International Banks

  • Finance & Insurance Organizations

  • Cyber-Liability Risk Profiling for Insurance Underwriters

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Public Services & Government

  • Transport

  • Technology & Communication

  • Government

  • Military

  • Ministry of Defense

  • Department of Defense

Cyber2Labs is committed to delivering outstanding value and customer satisfaction. We will work with you and tailor our services to meet the client’s needs and advise of the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to fulfil your requirements.


We bridge the gap between you and the uncertain world of cyber security.

Cyber2Labs has experts in the UAV/UAS market and have delivered customized training and services in the process of extracting forensic data from UAV devices.


Anytime, anywhere, any place 
Our client companies and IT Specialists are operating based upon this very principle. Tailor made Specialized security hardware kits, security training solutions, delivered Hacking Kits with training: Instructor Led, dedicated onsite, Online Live Class Training for your team of IT Security Specialists.

Team Mission:

We utilize our expert security skills, knowledge and know-how for the benign advancement of the nation – government, corporate sector, industries and society at large. By offering our customers the best in Cyber Security training, certifications and security services, we will help your organization operate in a more practical and secure environment.

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