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FREE Linux Hacking - Build a Career in Cybersecurity Workshop Series · No experience Required. · You only need a web browser for learning · Free account set-up via: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 - 9:00 AM USA Eastern Standard Time Start a challenging, rewarding, high-paying, and in-demand cybersecurity career. This 6-hour workshop will help you gain the hands-on skills and knowledge to propel your cybersecurity career and earning potential. What will be covered? Cyber2labs will deliver monthly free workshops covering various foundational skills required to prepare your base line Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA) according to NIST standards. Don’t miss out! Cyber2labs Workshop Skill Objectives: * Functionality over other OS’s * Use cases (Server implementation) * History of Linux * Setting up a virtual box/VMware * VM Networking * VM setup * SSH 101 * Read/Write/Execute * Root/user access * File system structure * Terminal / Customize terminal settings * Simple commands (Command list/functions) * Running first few commands * Mkdir, ls, cd, find, grep * Interacting with file system * Search for files/Grep * Find/search for files * How to insert text and save/exit * Git clone * Bashrc (script that run a logon) * apt/package manager/pacman/dpkg * Usage/setup * Home Hacking Lab set-up using VirtualBox * Hacking Into Ubuntu Server to Gain (RCE) Remote Code Execution Class will either use a web browser session to access live labs or alternative will be to use a Raspberry Pi or use Virtualization to set up a couple of virtual machines to use during learning. We would recommend using the Raspberry Pi OS as its designed for education. Installing and setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W mobile ARM single board computer

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