Rapid Response Protection


Any individual within an organization who is responsible for managing, identifying and dealing with risk has to ask themselves the following questions:

  1. How will I manage a security incident?

  2. Do I have sufficient resources to deal with the fallout?

  3. How do I scope the extent of the data leakage?

  4. How can I count the cost?

  5. How will I identify how the attack happened?

  6. How can I reduce the risk of it reoccurring?


Our Incident Response service can provide answers to these questions and assist you in making the right decisions early on in the incident handling process. With risks such as DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service)  attacks, Web based attacks and corporate espionage increasing in their severity and frequency, as well as the elevated risk presented when your online presence is  interrupted maliciously, organizations have had to rethink how they respond to these attacks to ensure that business impacts are reduced.

The majority of security products and solutions on the market make a target less attractive by presenting a more challenging target for an attacker to compromise. Since modern attacks are being run as businesses, performing cost/benefit analysis prior to being undertaken, ensuring that you are at least as secure as your competitors should be your first priority.


Products such as Anti-Virus suites and Firewalls are becoming less effective at dealing with modern Cyber Attacks as these are being delivered at the application level in many instances, and bypass current protection using dynamic methods which signature based solutions cannot detect. Our team can provide forensic expertise which enables us to provide information that can be used where it is necessary to take legal action or liaise with law enforcement.

This means that having security monitoring services is highly critical and also being able to call on expertise when faced with an incident is invaluable.  We perform paper based gap analysis of your incident response processes and procedures against industry standards such as those provided by NIST, covering a number of possible incident scenarios to ensure a consistent and repeatable approach.


Cyber2 Labs can also provide training to internal staff on how to deal with even the most severe attack scenarios.

Stay one step ahead​

Our Cyber2 Labs rapid response solution offers you one contact number, available 24/7 to offer advice and guidance in the event of a cyber-security compromise. Our team of experts will direct, manage and perform all the  steps necessary to reduce your cyber exposure as much as possible post-attack.

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