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About our Company and Team

Cyber2 labs provide clients a one-stop for all cyber offensive and defensive solutions.

Expertise in knowledge transfer (Education) and Security Services (Consulting).
Solid international reputation, using our technical experience and a global team of expert operators, we provide our customers with an end to end solution.

Cyber2 Labs and CSi SWAT was forged as a joint collaboration between Kevin Cardwell and Wayne Burke to provide real-world solutions and tactical training with guaranteed tangible job skills and sound consulting advice.


It is our goal to teach the process centric approach that can be applied across any discipline and is not vendor specific. With more than 45 years of combined experience and industry recognition as subject matter experts in the field, positioned to deliver unique as well as bleeding edge training and consulting services.


Tailor made specialized security hardware defense and offensive tool-kits, security training solutions, delivered with custom built Cyber Tool-Kits with practical skills training using live offensive and defensive operators. 

Team Mission:

We utilize our security experience, knowledge and knowhow for the benign advancement of the nation – government, corporate sector, industries and society at large. By offering our customers the most effective cyber defense tools and solutions, coupled with practical job skills in cyber security training, certifications and security services.


We help your organization operate in a more practical and secure manner using security validation, open source and built securely from step one by our own build and implementation team.

We will deliver our services and solutions the way our clients operate:

Anytime and Any place on the inter-webs.

OUR Leaders
Wayne Burke - VP
Kevin Cardwell - President

Wayne is constantly engaged in helping businesses optimize their systems security vision. He is acknowledged as an expert consultant and trainer serving large organizations with cutting edge IT security solutions.

Wayne and our team have delivered security assessments, Penetration Test assignments and customized training for International Corporations and many Government Agencies such as: EPA, FAA, DOJ, DOE, DOD, Air force, Army, Navy, Marines, FBI and Statewide Law Enforcement Offices in the USA.


Kevin Cardwell spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy, during this time he tested and evaluated Surveillance and Weapon system software. He has worked as both software and systems engineer on a variety of Department of Defense projects.


He was selected to head the team that built a Network Operations Center (NOC) that provided services to the commands ashore and ships at sea. He served as the Leading Chief of Information Security at the NOC for six years prior to retiring from the U.S. Navy.

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