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Course Outline: Authors custom Elite Bootcamp

This 5 day 100% practical CEH Masterclass skill building training - has been structured and designed based on industry expected levels of competent skills and practical real-world capabilities for building, modifying and working with typical cyber security and ethical hacking in the real world. Delivered by experienced Cyber Security Instructors working in the field.

>> 2023 Launch Special includes 3 day Drone, IOT and Robot Hacking Live online

This is a hands-on 100% practical course, straight to the point, you are guaranteed to leave this class with the skills needed to pass the CEH Practical 6 hour exam.

What we provide:

1a: Cyber Online Labs 6 months premier:

1b: Private C2L mini CTFs with practical targets real world latest tactics

2: Live 100% Hands-on training, follow and build your mind-map notes

3: Recorded Sessions - Never miss anything

4: Included 500+ fully updated latest practical cyber security online labs (TryHackMe)

5: Optional C2L Cyber-Block PenTesters Toolkit (tm)

6: Optional C2L Cyber-Block Wi-Fi USB Adapter + Antenna

7: Optional C2L Cyber-Block RF RTL-SDR Adapter + Antenna

8: Optional C2L Cyber-Block IOT Sensors test kit

We will utilize a pre-built mobile hardware system that each student gets to take home or download our custom base image we will build on the hardware or alternate virtualization / cloud can be used.

Note: Optional, use your own hardware as we will provide a link to the images for the custom OS systems we use on the Raspberry Pi's. 

Pass the CEH practical exam, then move onto our specially designed and enhanced version of the CPENT program. 



Course Hardware Kit Contents / Bring your Own:

  • Rpi 4 - 2GB Quad Core Mobile System with Heat Sink Ali Case

  • Rpi Zero 2 W + Heat Sink + Cable

  • RTL-SDR Blog V3 R820T2 RTL2832U Tuner        

    • External Antennas and Mount Kit

  • USB SD / MicroSD reader/writer

  • 2x 32 Gig MicroSD - Preloaded with Custom Linux OS

  • USB-C Micro Power Supply

  • Case / Organizer for all your gear

  • Note: Optional - bring your own Drone / build one with us

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