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Incident Response

Cyber2Labs security team are world leaders in the field of State Sponsored APT first-person response and mitigation.

The number of businesses transacting on-line is at an all-time high.


Whether it is on-line retailers selling direct to consumers, or businesses providing extranet type services to their trading partners, there is a growing trend to bring more and more functionality to the Internet browser.

Why choose Cyber2Labs for Incident Response?

Most of these transactions are delivered over secure HTTPS connection streams. This means that ensuring your TLS services are well secured is vitally important since a failure at this layer can have major impacts on the confidentiality and integrity of your data.


Although TLS brings more security to the end user, it does mean that a malicious user can send encrypted traffic to the web server that cannot be seen by many traditional security controls and therefore is more challenging to monitor.

Web Application Tests are designed to assess all types of sites, ranging from static brochure ware websites to prevent defacement or unauthorized content, through to all-encompassing transactional e-commerce environments where sensitive client and commercial data may be being processed.

Cyber2labs assesses an environment for server-side attacks such as SQL injection and persistent XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks, whilst client focused tests will assess an environment for client-side attacks such as DOM based Cross Site Scripting or Click-Jacking vectors, which could allow an attacker to manipulate the clients that access your infrastructure.



Cyber2labs focuses on looking at the application logic that has been built into the web application and pays particular attention to any aspect of the environment that allows a user to enter input.


Our Incident Response evaluations are based on accepted industry standards, such as OWASP, and our consultants have a wealth of experience of testing some of the largest sites in the market across most verticals.

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