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CSI Cyber2Labs ensures your enterprise or home office keeps going with an end- to-end SOC (Security Operations Center) solution, providing 24/7 cyber security alert monitoring, risk remediation, and compliance.


  • Dedicated hardware Ai decoys using reverse deceptive tactics

  • 24/7 Security monitoring (SOC) for SOHO, enterprise corporations and government

  • Real-time threat detection, analysis, and incident response

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and hunting

  • Incident Response (IR) and remediation

  • Ransomware response, mitigation, and negotiations

  • SOC training from experts in the field

Why choose Cyber2Labs for your SOC-as-a-Service?

Not all SOCs are created equal. Cyber2Labs and our partners are comprised of seasoned professionals with 20+ years real-world experience with proven track records successfully designing, deploying, and training the SOC cyber experts to operate the facility. We build your SOC from ground zero into a fully operational and functional division.


Our team have a broad array of experience in security testing mobile electronics IOT / OT devices. Whether it is a phone, application, drone or IOT device, covering hardware or software technologies you expect to find operational in your corporations’ infrastructure.

Cyber2Labs’ state-of-the-art cyber security SOC facilitates and helps to protect and defend organizations, home offices and governments by providing real-time threat detection, analysis, incident response and mitigation of cyber threats.


Our Cyber security solutions and products has your enterprise covered and guarded every step of way with our award-winning team, with a solid foundation in identifying security flaws in both device operating systems and applications or any electronic device as well as helping organizations develop secure applications.



We realize every business is unique and not everyone uses a boxed SOC solution, so we have designed it with flexible in mind. We collaborate with your team to tailor the SOC solution whether you’re working from your home office, military base, government locale, or enterprise. We keep you secure.

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