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BioMed Test & Validation 

  • Testing and validating are crucial steps in ensuring that they function correctly, safely, and effectively. 

  • Dielectric Strength Testing: Ensuring insulating materials can withstand high voltages.

  • Leakage Current Testing: Validating that electrical currents stay within safe limits.

  • EMC/EMI Testing: Confirming devices do not interfere with, or are not susceptible to, electromagnetic interference.

incident response

Cyber2Labs security team are world leaders in the field of State Sponsored APT first-person response and mitigation.

Our Incident Response evaluations are based on accepted industry standards.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), there are four key phases to IR:

1: Preparation: 
2: Detection and analysis: 
3: Containment and eradication: 
4: Post-incident recovery: 

soc solutions

  • Dedicated hardware Ai decoys using reverse deceptive tactics

  • 24/7 Security monitoring (SOC) for SOHO, enterprise corporations and government

  • Real-time threat detection, analysis, and incident response

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and hunting

  • Incident Response (IR) and remediation

  • Ransomware response, mitigation, and negotiations

Cyber Services

About Us

Cyber2 labs provides clients the best of both worlds:
Expertise in knowledge transfer (Education) and Security Products and Services (Consulting).
Solid international reputation, using our technical infrastructure and global team of experts, we provide our client companies’ with additional support after executing your solution.
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