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Toolkit: Darkweb Network Security

Toolkit: Darkweb Network Security


It's critical to underscore that the discussion or promotion of illegal activities, including accessing or utilizing the dark web for unlawful purposes, is neither encouraged nor endorsed. The dark web is known for hosting a myriad of illegal activities, including trafficking of stolen data, illegal drug sales, and various other illicit actions.


Having a hardware toolkit for secure and anonymous online browsing can be crucial for protecting user identity and data during online interactions. This can be particularly pertinent in regions where internet use is heavily monitored or restricted, for whistleblowers, or for investigators who, for various reasons, need to protect their online privacy meticulously.


A specialized hardware toolkit for privacy-focused operating, robust encryption methods, and advanced VPN or proxy services to shield user identity and data from unauthorized access. It's paramount that such tools and practices are used within the boundaries of applicable laws and ethical guidelines.


Toolkit Contents:

1x Rpi Zero

1x Rpi Zero Ethernet hat and case

1x Mango Portable Router/VPN OpenSource Software

1x Device Travel Case

1x TP-Link 5 port Gigabit managed switch  

  • TP-Link Details

    TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Switch | Easy Smart Managed | Plug & Play | Desktop/Wall-Mount | Shielded Ports | Support QoS, Vlan, IGMP and Link Aggregation (TL-SG105E),Black

    • 5-Gigabit ports provide instant large file transfers
    • 15K jumbo frame improves performance of large data transfers
    • Effective network monitoring via port mirroring, loop prevention and cable Diagnostics
    • Abundant VLAN features improve network security via traffic segmentation
    • Igmp snooping optimizes multicast applications
    • Port and tag-based QoS enable smooth latency-sensitive traffic
    • System Ram Type: ddr3_sdram
  • Mango VPN Router

    GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2(Mango) Portable Mini Travel Wireless Pocket VPN Router - WiFi Router/Access Point/Extender/WDS | OpenWrt | 2 x Ethernet Ports | OpenVPN/Wireguard VPN | USB 2.0 | 128MB RAM

    • 【WIRELESS MOBILE MINI TRAVEL ROUTER】 Convert a public network (wired or wireless) to a private Wi-Fi for secure surfing. Tethering. Powered by any laptop USB, power banks or 5V/2A DC adapters (sold separately). 39g (1.41 Oz) only, portable and pocket friendly. 2.4GHz ONLY
    • 【OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE】 OpenWrt pre-installed, USB disk extendable.
    • 【LARGER STORAGE & EXTENDABILITY】 128MB RAM, 16MB Flash ROM, dual Ethernet ports, UART and GPIOs available for hardware DIY.
    • 【OPENVPN CLIENT】 OpenVPN client pre-installed, compatible with 30+ VPN service providers.
    • 【PACKAGE CONTENTS】 GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) mini router (1-year Warranty), USB cable, Ethernet cable, User Manual. Please update to the latest firmware.
  • RPi Ethernet Hat

    Ethernet/USB HUB HAT Board with ABS Case for Raspberry Pi Zero

    • The ETH-USB-HUB-BOX is a HUB kit with ETH/USB HUB HAT (B) Board and ABS Case. It is tailored for Raspberry Pi Zero series (Raspberry Pi Zero/Raspberry Pi Zero W/Raspberry Pi Zero WH/ Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W/Raspberry Pi Zero 2 WH), small in size, each cut-out of the case is exactly aligned with the connector.
    • This HUB BOX will provide RJ45 Ethernet port and more USB capability for your Zero, make it easy to connect the Internet and sorts of USB devices.
    • 3x extended USB ports, compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1
    • Incorporates RTL8152B Ethernet chip, supports 1x RJ45 Ethernet port, 10/100M auto-negotiation
    • Angle rounded design, smooth hand feeling, "simple snap" case lid. Quality ABS material, dull polish surface, anti-fingerprint. Comes with two different lids, changing as you like.
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